Why We Do What We Do

Me at a young age with one of the kitties that lived at our place.

My sister (and one of her best friends) on our 4-H horses at the Downey Fair.


Of course we would be getting family pictures taken at my parents farm in

Idaho and out of nowhere an unknown dog would find us... and my kids would

become it's new bff. #animalspiritsfindus #animallove #letssavethemall

Me getting started with this adventure. Mindset and faith (and a little pixie dust).

My brother Mike with Lobo (Sampson in the background).

My two youngest kids and I with two of our "adopted fur kids."

Star and Copper on the family farm in Idaho.

Star, Cooper and I on our family farm in Idaho. "Hello little fella'."

Barefoot on my first horse, Warpaint

Riding my first horse barefoot (as per usual) This old boy named Warpaint 

taught me my love for horses.

Lobo, my 10th birthday present from my parents (first shelter dog) and it all began...

Lobo, the first shelter pet I ever adopted. My mother took me to the Pocatello

Animal Shelter for my 10th birthday and Lobo found his new forever home

that day.

This sweet boy taught us how amazing rescue animals are. His loyalty and

fierce bond with our family was nothing we had ever experienced up to that


He truly gives the meaning to "who adopted who."